Day VIII – Explore the History of the Brown Bear

We’ve been busy! While the on the ground team are beavering away repairing the Bear, behind the scenes others are doing important work delving into the history of the pub and its relationship to Berwick’s Sense of Place… while yet more good people work diligently on the challenging task of selecting beers, wines, spirits, a range of delicious nutritious sustaining non alcoholic ‘beverages’ and what’s going on the food side of things…

Follow this link to see our short film featuring
Jim Herbert introducing Brown Bear Inn to the 21st century with historical context #BringBackTheBear

With thanks to Jason Thompson our social enterprise film maker guru from Sound Ideas Media

Day II – Power Cut at the Brown Bear

Work halted briefly today at the Brown Bear due to a massive power cut. Alarms were set off up and down Hide Hill and we thought we must have done something to a cable – even though we didn’t!

Power Cut, Brown Bear, Berwick

But we took the opportunity to lay down our tools and stop working anyway, so that our friend Jason Thompson could ask some questions and take some shots and interviews in order to record the progress of our mission.

Below are some of the latest photos of developments.

Brown Bear, Berwick

Brown Bear Inn

The Brown Bear in Berwick

Berwick Advertiser covers the Brown Bear

News broke across Berwick this morning as the region learnt of our ambitious new plans to revive the Brown Bear. With a mention on the front page and a full page article, it’s safe to say the secret is now out.

On the pubs history, J Mark Dodds had this to say:

“The Brown Bear is an elegant building in the centre of a beautiful, completely under-recognised, down-at-heel town, steeped in the most fascinating and turbulent history.

“The pub’s story is intertwined with the town’s – Berwick-upon-Tweed’s coat arms is the brown bear. To give an idea of this history, in the back yard there is the ruin of a meeting house from 1719. We are going to make that history resonate through everything that happens to the pub.”

You can read more from the article here: