Dogs in Pubs

Professional Trade Secrets about to be made transparent, accessible and open:

For reasons we do not understand most pubs do not allow #DogsInPubs – we only found this out when people with dogs kept coming in telling us ‘thanks for not hating us… you are the only pub we can find who allows people with dogs in’.

When we opened the BEAR again after being shut and boarded up following decades of being slowly run into the ground by a nasty venal asset stripping pubco… we didn’t give ‘Dogs Welcome’ any more thought than we would NEVER say ‘children not allowed’ or any of the other things that have a place firmly in the past… NO we just thought – ‘of course people who have dogs can come into the pub for a pint or for food.

Why would we not allow that?’…

So based on experience we started talking photos of dogs in OUR pub and registered with @dugsnpubs

And here we are a year later with an album of dog #dogsofinstagram photos

Go on – get down or up or across and over here with Ya Pooch and get them in the Hall of Dog Fame

Sometimes you’ll catch them guarding our beautiful pub chairs and furniture…

Other times, well.. other times…

So in order to celebrate our wonderful canine friends, we’ve decided to compile a list of our 30 most recent visitors! Let us know if you spot your wonderful pooch, and tag us at the #BerwickBrownBear. Enjoy!

1.   Ziggy

2.   Stan

3.   Ollie

4.   Maxwell

5.   Rocky

6.   Ollie

7.   Tess

8.   Archie

9.   Murphy and Riley

10.   Albert

11.   Jack

12.   Buster and Blue

13.   Webster

14.   Billie

15.   Jessie

16.   Sam

17.   Lochy

18.   Jango

19.   Dug

20.   Lily

21.   Cora

22.   Bobby and Billy

23.   Alfie

23.   Archie

24.   Whisky

25.   Moses

26.   Pippa

27.   Jack

28.   Frankie

29.   Dex

30.   Harvey

Have you got a picture of your esteemed friend at the Berwick Brown Bear? Send your image to and we’ll be proud to add them to our wall! Why not? Even little Babe did…

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