Project Introduction 

The Brown Bear Inn; literally, is Berwick-upon-Tweed’s most iconic pub – the town’s coat of arms is a brown bear. The pub has a great reputation that stretches back decades, but in the last twenty years it suffered a chronic lack of investment in the hands of a tied pub company.

They closed it in early 2016 and put it on the market.

It was bought at auction in July 2016 by one Frank Flannigan, a local businessman who wanted to protect the pub and make sure it couldn’t be changed into alternative use and lost forever under Berwick’s nose…

Today a group of local people are determined to revive the pub as an attractive, welcoming, vibrant social enterprise, that’s More Than A Pub and to do a Berwick wide consultation exercise to help shape and decide what the Brown Bears future will be.

This project went live on October 1st 2016 and the pub will be open for business on Thursday 1st December 2016. There is a lot to do and we’re going to do most of this with volunteers.

We’re inviting input from everyone who is interested in keeping pubs vibrant and relevant to society for future generations.

Currently there are four unpaid directors planning the project. By the time you’re reading this the website will have been up too; which was also designed over the course of a week and donated.

On this site you can find our Partners & Supporters page with everyone who has donated, gifted, grafted and contributed listed there.

Above: Brown Bear, at the Brown Bear!