Berwick Advertiser covers the Brown Bear

News broke across Berwick this morning as the region learnt of our ambitious new plans to revive the Brown Bear. With a mention on the front page and a full page article, it’s safe to say the secret is now out.

On the pubs history, J Mark Dodds had this to say:

“The Brown Bear is an elegant building in the centre of a beautiful, completely under-recognised, down-at-heel town, steeped in the most fascinating and turbulent history.

“The pub’s story is intertwined with the town’s – Berwick-upon-Tweed’s coat arms is the brown bear. To give an idea of this history, in the back yard there is the ruin of a meeting house from 1719. We are going to make that history resonate through everything that happens to the pub.”

You can read more from the article here:

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