Community Business Weekend at the Brown Bear

Come down to the Brown Bear in Berwick this weekend and discover our big plans for the future!

We’re developing the long term business plan for development of the Brown Bear and expanding the business activities across the whole site. We will be showing you our conceptual designs for what lays ahead, and providing a catch-up on what’s been happening since our launch.

We will have a questionnaire about how the shape of future redevelopment at the pub should look, and we want Berwick to have a say in what should happen in the long term.

The artists visuals are ideas for the kind of things the back yard can be developed into

In its first year of operation the pub has done:

Open Mic
Bear Facts Quiz
Folk n Roots
Book swap
Televised terrestrial sports and major events like royal weddings
Community meeting room – free to voluntary organisations – among others who use it are:

  • Riding of the Bounds Association
    – Royal Society of Arts
    – Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival

The Brown Bear is the only Community Business registered for this event in the area.

Just one example of what we do differently, as with lots of other stuff, is we work with Terracyle as a drop off point for hard to recycle items. People can drop in items like pens, CD’s or baby food pouches – just one example of how the Brown Bear is helping both the community and environment.

Brown Bear Inn is a ‘saved’ pub that’s becoming a proper fit for 21st century purpose public house; We’re a not for profit, Living Wage Foundation accredited social enterprise. The business is people facing, with a community advisory group setting up a cooperative benefit society; and community share issue to buy the freehold; develop and manage the future expansion of the pub and its half-acre back yard.

Businesses such as ours offer the community a chance to take power into their own hands by bringing people together around a common purpose. In our case, the Brown Bear community pub was under threat of being sold to developers, which we thankfully managed to stop. Input from the community has redefined who we are – incorporating facilities, services and amenities to make it fit for 21st century community purpose. No one would ever say it’s easy to start a community business, but when it works – it’s magic!

Now we’re hosting a range of events across Community Business Weekend to show what the Brown Bear is today, and what it’s growing into. Ranging from the 409th annual celebration of Berwick’s Riding the Bounds; Artist William Hamilton’s the Northumberland Colouring Book launch and painting exhibition; A talk by historian Jim Herbert on his book ‘A Brief History of Opening Time; the story of the Brown Bear’. There will be Meet the Brewer and much more with live music and a pop up Kitchen

Click here to find out more about Community Business Weekend.

From 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th
with Events being held across the whole weekend.

Become a volunteer, become a trustee, become a shareholder and become a customer.

Parking. Public transport.

Twitter: @BrownBearInn
Instagram: @BerwickBrownBear

#BringBackTheBear #Cbwkd18

The Brown Bear advisory group needs a treasurer and secretary , interested? Say hello.

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