Stage Two 

Everything in Stage two is implemented to sort out the properties longer term problems that currently limit the pubs trading potential.

This includes remedying problems such as the pubs micro-kitchen, the public toilets, the existing cellar, storage, and reinstating the large key function and meeting room on the top floor towards the front of the pub.

The latter of which is likely to mean installing a Georgian staircase in the public bar, and a new proper, authentic, original bar. There is a likelihood that this phase will also involve building in another storey of accommodation above the premises at the back.

This phase also involves making the pub fossil fuel free, extending the trading area, bringing the building up to code and continuing the full existing refurbishment of the pub.

In all, this phase is entirely infrastructural. Everything required to make it fit for purpose as a proper, fully serviceable, contemporary and community focused enterprise. One that’s relevant to all its constituent catchment area; and a shining beacon of excellence for Berwick and the whole of the Borders’ region.

Above: ‘Beyond the Gates’, this look takes an angle from the rear of the Brown Bears gigantic black gates; down the alley towards the olde Meeting Hall.